• Basic

  • What is Abbcast?

    Abbcast is an online platform which allows generating incomes to millions of producers of podcast who are on the network (amateurs and professionals), including segmented advertising in the audios based on the listeners’ preferences. 

  • What’s not AbbCast?

    AbbCast is not only a website where it’s possible to upload your Podcasts. AbbCast has been created to connect announcers who are interested in reach the perfect audience for their products or services with the Podcasters, which produce quality talking products but don’t have the possibility to monetize their Podcasts.

  • What does AbbCast offer?

    AbbCast offers three solutions: -Clients will announce their products in thousands of Podcast with programmatic advertising.  This ad will be only announced in talking products with a potential audience for the client. -Earn money with the ads that AbbCast include at the beginning of the Podcast. -Earn money clicking the Player into your favourite programs or your web or blog. The benefits will be distributed between you and the Podcaster. 

  • How can I report an inappropriate content?

    You can contact us at: info@abbcast.com

  • Who will have the authorship of the rights of the audios that I upload?

    You will keep your rights of the Podcasts and the audios that you share in AbbCast, and you can also decide the type of license that you want for them. However, when you upload an audio in AbbCast, you allow the Webmasters and AbbCast to earn part of the benefit for the advertising, and adding an advertisement at the beginning of each audio. 

  • What it’s the difference between AbbCast and any other hosting websites of audio?

    AbbCast only shares a part with these sites which allows hosting Podcasts or audios in their servers: Gallery of audios. The rest of the site it’s designed to connect announcers with producers of Podcasts and let the millions of Podcasts that are in the internet to be monetized.  At the same time, the announcers can find an ensured return reaching only the most effective audience. 

  • Can I upload any audio in AbbCast and earn money with it?

    No, in Abbcast only can be uploaded Podcasts made on your own production. The songs or audios without rights will be deleted and the accounts will be disabled for life.    

  • If I announce something in AbbCast, can I cancel a campaign anytime once it’s activated?

    No, you can’t. The payment is done in advanced and AbbCast ensures the real impact in a potential audience for your product or service. Anyway, you could control how much money are you spending and how much money remains in your campaign. 

  • What happens if I upload a song in AbbCast?

    The system will identify it, will delete the song and immediately your account will be disable. 

  • Can I upload any audio in my web and ear money with it?

    No, you can’t. You must have its rights. You can’t upload a Podcast of another person, not even a song. You have to be the producer of the Podcast. 

  • Is it free to upload my audios in Abbcast and to make money with them?

    Yes, sure, you can upload as many Podcasts as you want, and all of them will be registered in our Gallery of audios. However, be careful because when you accept our terms of use, you accept the rights of the audio. So if you upload audios that don’t belong to you, Abbcast will report your case, will delete your count, and of course, will delete anything you have ever uploaded. 

  • How long does it takes to charge my money?

    In Abbcast you decide when you want to do it. The only condition is that you must have at least 180€ generated. Every podcast has a counter in your control pannel. There you can see how much you have earned for every podcast. Once you have reached 180€, a button will be activated to order your payment to the system.

  • Which audio formats does Abbcast accept?

    In Abbcast it is possible to upload MP3 and WAV audios and this is available for Podcast and for commercials. Any other format will be refused by the system and, therefore, it won’t be listened to by the users.