¿What is Abbcast
and what can do for you?

What is and how Abbcast works

Abbcast is a costless and easy platform to earn income with your podcasts while your business is promoted to interested costumers in your area.


I want to advertise

Are you searching new costumers? Do you want to promote through radio programs? Sign in Abbcast now and show your ad only to potential costumers. read more

Podcast Production

Do you want to earn an additional income with your Podcasts? Abbcast offers the first monetizing system for ‘’Podcasters’’ through ads played before the beginning of your programme. read more

I have a web

Do you want to gain additional income from your website? Abbcast has a service for bloggers and webmasters to monetize your website, offering quality audios with ads of the interest of your audience and the theme of your website. read more

The magic of the Abbcast

The smart system of Abbcast links ads and audios according to the preferences of each them and makes them available to bloggers or webmasters to post them in their webs using and AbbCode.
At the same time, Abbcast have a large gallery with all of the available audios organized by theme.


To Announcer

This is the best platform in the market to advertise through radio programs. It only reaches to interested costumers in the field. Abbcast selects for you the best radio programs for your business.

Abbcast revolutionizes the radio advertising system by introducing the success of programmatic advertising (it works in social networks or web ads) in the Podcast field. Due to Abbcast, the ads will stop to be destined to a potential audience to start to target them to an exact audience, making the ad arrive only to costumers interested in the business or the advertiser field. And obtain a precise impact to make the publicity investment an accurate success thanks to the data managed by Abbcast.


To Podcaster

The first platform, which allows you to monetize your podcast due to ads, related with their thematic.

Abbcast borns from the necessity to monetize the current Podcast world. With Abbcast, the Podcasters finally can monetize their radio productions using an easy platform, where everything is managed through and elemental control panel. Making the Podcaster only concern about the programme production. Abbcast manage the ads released at the beginning of the production (just before the beginning of the Podcast) and to introduce publicity during the programs of the Podcasts. Abbcast is a fair platform, the more people listen to a Podcast, the more money will get the Podcaster through Abbcast.


To Blogger/Webmaster

Make online incomes in your website or blog from now on thanks to Abbcast. Post Podcast related with the theme of your website and make money for each play.

Abbcast innovates in the programmatic publicity and allows the website administers to obtain an extra manner to monetize their products beyond banners, videos and all types of publicity systems existing nowadays. Due to Abbcast, now the webmaster could insert the Abbcast audio player with the radio program which is more interesting for the audience and gets more money with each play. Moreover, The Abbcast player is not affected by Ad Blockers because the content is related with the website traffic so, that is not an annoying content.